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The morning after pill, most typically found in the form of a blue pill, is either taken after unprotected sex or if protected sex was negatively affected in some way (such as a missed pill or a broken condom). Because it is taken as a response to an emergency situation, the morning after pill is described as being an emergency contraceptive pill, or an ECP. There is no need for a prescription for the morning after pill, which can be obtained following a consultation with the pharmacist.

Although referred to as the blue pill, the emergency contraceptive pill can be taken at any time after unprotected sex occurs. The pill is most effective in the first 24 hours but can be taken up to 96 hours after unprotected sex, although after this point it becomes much less effective.

How the pill works (Emergency Contraception Pill or ECP)

After being consumed, the morning after pill delivers a high dose of a progestogen hormone, which serves to inhibit ovulation. This then prevents pregnancy from occurring in 85 percent of cases within the four-day window – if you are already pregnant, the morning after pill will be ineffective.

As with many other medications on the market today, the morning after pill may result in side effects for some (even though these are considered uncommon). Nausea, headaches, and tender breasts are common side effects, and irregular periods are also potential (but are a less common side effect).

In the event that you take the emergency contraceptive pill and still believe yourself to be pregnant – for example, your period might be seven days late – or if your period is lighter and shorter than usual, we strongly advise you to seek out a doctor or nurse.

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